What is ROOTS ?

Play as a seed that sends its roots deeper and deeper to find fresh water.

Avoid hazards, explore, upgrade your root and discover what lies below.

Some tips :

  • Move your mouse where you want to go
  • Your water content act as health and shows up on your root tip
  • Pickup water to replenish your health and go further down
  • You get 1 flower every 100 cm
  • You get 1 flower each time you drink fertilizer
  • Upgrading is key !
  • Small roots move randomly, but they can go faster and get water from far away.
  • Get all the way to the bottom to unlock Time Trial !
  • Unlock every seed !

Now on the Google Play Store

Ludum Dare :

This game was originally made during the 48th Ludum Dare : "Deeper & deeper"

I've decided to continue working on the game, at least until I get bored of it.

You can play the original Ludum Dare game here !


PlatformsWindows, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(108 total ratings)
AuthorPierre Vandermaesen
Made withUnity
Tags2D, nature, Non violent, Roguelite, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityOne button


Roots_Win_1.5.zip 25 MB
Roots_Android_1.5.apk 28 MB

Development log


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Very nice game!

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Why is my root still losing water after encountering obstacles. I hope the water content does not decrease, giving me enough time to think where to go

can you not save progress? can i save progress if i download

와우 너무 재밋네용.

last seed should have been like the world tree or smth but pretty cool!

make a pause button bro

Finally got sub 200 (193.2s). Really fun, still got upgrades but idk if theres much more to do after that

Very fun :) I got to the core

is there ever an end?


there is

i like this its relaxing but the core is kinda boring to get to 9/10

(1 edit) (+1)

oh and add a controller setting to it and a pause button 

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I made it to the core but for some reason it didn't unlock the last seed

Still a fun game tho!!! Had fun with it (Edit: It showed up after I hit the upgrade tab and went back-- odd! Glad it worked though)

it happened to me too, i opened up the settings and when i closed it was fixed though


It was fun. good job. sometimes the most simple games can be the most fun


Great prototype, Apricot seed is way too OP tho

did you get the last seed? its a little better than the apricot...


I may have spent more time playing this game than I itended as I discovered it, but this goes to show how good this gam !
Each time I unlocked a new seed,I expected to struggle without having the previous power, but each seed brings a lot of fun, without making the previous parts cumbersome ! Furthermore, I expected the game to lose its spice when I unlocked the final seed, but on the contrary, the game was still a delight !
Great game !



yay :D


This is amazing.  So much fun!  


Love it! Thanks for making and sharing


Found this at armorgames, great job at this casual ludum game!


a weird root indeed


and a fully covered pipe with roots


noice and cool game :)                                                                                                                          because:

  • very fun
  • very cool
  • very fertilized
Deleted 357 days ago

Roots (Gameplay Walkthrought)


Nice! You made it to other game websites too :-)


Yeah, even if the Armor game release is a bit broken for small screen sizes, but I'm working on it :)


This is lovely! Looks like the "last seed not unlocked straight away" bug is still here though, at least in the browser version. 

It is unlocked after going to "upgrade" and coming back.

(1 edit) (+2)

Oh - the objectives only trigger the "bar fills up" and adds flowers after I go to Upgrade and come back too. Very closely related bug :)


does anyone have a full playthrough of this game

id like to see it


Man i love it.... the game is so simple but also so good to play in my free time!

Any chance of a Linux version?

Sure ! I'll keep you posted :)


Nice, relaxing game, without getting boring! Pretty original, it looks awesome as well and plays well, I always find it frustrating with these type of games when the steering is buggy, but everything works exactly as expected. Very cool! Also, the upgrading and assignments give enough incentive to try again, and again, and again.

Goed gedaan! :) 

An improvement suggestion, it could add to the difficulty if you do not allow your roots to cross each other. I was kinda avoiding that until I noticed that is not needed :)

And agreed with a previous comment, it's already a good and complete game, but it has so many opportunities to extend the gameplay!


One of the most unusual but fun games.

this game was great! I played all the way till I maxed all upgrades. My record was 238.98.

I'd love to see more added to this! (I know it's super polished and robust as is, but  it certainly left me wanting more!) Even if you don't release any more of this brilliant game, I'll certainly be following your stuff in the future!

Awesome :D

Feel free to follow me on itch, you'll be notified when I release an update or do something new !

Hii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it with you, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The concept is good,  but it clearly works better on smartphones than on pc due to it's nature, despite of that the PC version feels great too don't get me wrong.

-The gameplay mechanics are well thought to make the player keep playing to discover new things.

-The visual style of the game makes it feel quite relaxing and welcoming.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


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Simple but beautiful and fun game, the fact that you can get upgrades makes it very replayable. 

I wish i rated and played this game during ludum dare 48


Only sad thing... I don't unlock the last seed even when I go belove 5000cm...
But cool game

Thanks for reporting, I'll fix that !

i just encountered the same thing

Had a great relaxing afternoon playing your game. Love the concept and the execution. Sadly also encountered the 5k seed bug. Hopefully see a fix soon so I can max out my upgrades and work on my times! :)

Should be fixed !

I just played and that did not unlock until I clicked the upgrade button. When I returned to the objectives page, it then showed as expected.

This might occur if you had unlocked it before the bugfix, thx for letting me know :)

Truly amazing game


no it's noice