A new version of ROOTS + Ludum Dare 1st place !

Hi all !

Welcome to the new subscribers, thank you so much for stopping by.

Yesterday I released the post jam version of ROOTS, my LD48 compo entry.

As I was doing that, the results came in and I realized i got 1# Overall in compo, witch is pretty insane.

I will continue working on the game, at least to improve the current balance and UI polished, but it felt dumb not to post the current version.


  • There's an Android version ! I plan on releasing this game free on other platforms as well, I'll make sure to keep you posted.
  • Game is deeper + new biome
  • New gameplay elements : fertilizer, oil, lava...
  • Objectives ! (they still need some improvements, feedback is appreciated)
  • Seeds with special powers !
  • New upgrade skills !

What I might improve later

  • Improving the UI, adding animations & juice
  • Balancing
  • Achievements, late game goals
  • New biomes, new level design chunks.


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