Help a doomed island fight back against an evil wizard in this town-building RPG.

Battle monsters, get gold, rebuild your town and upgrade your gear. But be careful, you don't have much time left...

Controls : Clic on stuff to do stuff

NB : this is a 30min - 1h game

This game saves every time a day end, so feel free to stop and come back later, I'll be waiting for you ! 

Don't feel like playing on your browser ? Download the game as an executable !

You'll find the original Unity 2019.4 jam project (1.3) as a .zip bellow, download it and mess around, maybe you'll find some cool unity / c# tips hidden inside.


Sorry if I missed some details in the devlog, didn't felt like posting a 30 min video. If you want to know more, leave a comment here and I'll try to respond !

"Only took an hour and a half ! That went by pretty quick though" - Miziziziz


  • 1.4 : Adventure bounty feature + Achievements + New ennemies + Fixed a lot of bugs
  • 1.3 : Fixed some late game balancing issues + improved the hunter power descriptions + fixed the post processing that wasn't affecting some UI elements
  • 1.2 : Fixed some balancing issues (rapid fire too powerful & moved day limit from 50 days to 40 days) 
  • 1.1 : Fixed some sprites in the bad ending animation, and game breaking bug when restarting a new game after completing one


PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(45 total ratings)
AuthorPierre Vandermaesen
GenreStrategy, Role Playing
Made withUnity
TagsCity Builder, Retro
Average sessionA few minutes


Townfolks_WIN_1.4.zip 28 MB

Development log


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Hey I know you removed the project a while back because of plagiarism by some people re releasing it. But is there any way I'll be able to get my hands on the unity project at all? I've been learning unity recently and I fell in love with this game? and wanted to see if I could tinker around with it. thanks.

the project isn't here anymore

Sorry, there were some studios taking my projects and re-releasing them without my permission, so I removed the sources. Sorry !

Is this for real ? People can be d*cks, keep it up! I am just browsing your lib but everywhere I look, looks amazing!



good game!

I love Jam games because they allow creators to let loose and try new things and experiment in ways they don't do on larger projects. Sometimes its a miss, and others, like in this game, its an absolute hit. I played the whole game and loved every minute of it.

WHAT IF the game had an achivement for sleeping the whole 40 days?

it cant, you would lose after the last day...

This game is very interesting with the amount of simple but very compelling actions that can be made. I only played for about seven minutes and didn't notice any bugs or anything. Great job keep making cool games!!!

Awesome, just played it through, i just noticed that the mage can attack even if he is dead ;)

oh, I thought I fixed it ^^' thx for playing !

Dude. This game is awesome. I played it all the way through. It looked great, felt polished, felt balanced and paced well. All this for a minimal game made in such a short time. Definitely going to download the project and learn a few things from this. Thanks!

Thanks for playing, I hope you have fun with the project (I heard there might be post processing errors and it's not the last version of the game, but most of the code is there)

what's with the windows protected your pc window?

when i try to run it, it says windows protected your pc

(2 edits) (+1)

It's a common occurence with small indie unity projects, as you have to "certify" your app for Microsoft to remove that warning, a long and costly process. If you click on the "Run it Anyway" option, the game should start fine. Sorry for the scare ^^

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Love this game. Any new updates in the works?


I'm currently on a design war with myself deciding what to add, but I definitely want to improve on the game at some point. I'll make a devlog when I'll have a good idea of what to come for v1.5 :)

(5 edits) (+1)

I loved the game but a few ideas for a possible future update are:

- a graveyard plot where you can see and mabye even revive your fallen comrades for a sacrafice and some gold 

-special heros that have random attack or special and defence moves e.g. warrior's slash then expotion and hide (that would be a rouge) or arrow shoot then great slash and heal (thats a paladin)

-and friendship levels (similar to EXP) the more you use a person the stronger they become 

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(My English is poor, sorry)

I played this game some times. This game is great.

(For Learning to create this type game)

I enjoyed this much time.  and I became this game pro.

I finished this game for 16~18days.

I found easy way for this game. Attack is OP.

Because Player can attack first.

My  status when game had end is below.

and last boss battle.

too easy.

(This image may not good. Other user can know last battle.  better delete? )

This class is only Mage  party.

but, Every class(Soldier, Mage, Hunter)  party is Attack is OP .

Other parameter is not need almost.

Using same way, using Every class party,  16~18days.(Soldier is a little weak).

Some Suggestions

-Adding Attack order.

 By using parameter something.

but it might to be difficult battle.

-Adding Common townforks parameter.

I needed not mix class party. 

because, Soldier attack and Mage attack is separately.

-Adding  Reward of Achievement.

New class, New Building, etc.

Thank you your game development.

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for the feedback ! I agree with you, and to be fair I don't like the current battle system. I'm planning to do something about it !

Don't worry your spoiler isn't that bad ^^

(8 edits)

Came back today again. Loving the new upgrades! I'm focused on getting all the achievements. I'm really liking the new monsters. Thanks for adding the skip feature. The game is even better now!

Here are some more ideas in case you like them. Please just take them as kind suggestions, there's no pressure whatsoever, you've already made  a great game. I just like your game and want to contribute if it is helpful.

Controls suggestions:

- Allow 'click and drag' and 'Escape' key to autoamtically unselect a building so we don't have to click on an empty space or the [x] to unselect a building. I think it'll make the experience of building more fluid. 

- Please consider adding hotkeys for battle. These would be super useful for gameplay. Tab for switching targets and letters for attacks or maybe 1,2,3 for attacks?

- Consider including a hotkey for going immediately to the city tower.

- Consider including hotkeys for 'building'. So if you want to build a house you might hit 'T' to select the tower followed by 'H' for house selecting the menu item of building a house in the tower.

Game suggestions:

- Add rewarding side and tough side quests. Maybe they reward you with an ally or special abilities or items. The risk of losing days in the countdown might be worth if say, there's a payoff in that you could earn a new ability for your class.

Classes / Ability ideas:

Revive: for mages where you bring a character back to life with the 'healing' spell or if used on an npc that is -dead- it becomes necromancy, the npc fights for you for the next three turns.

Rage: for warriors where you get multiple turns (or attacks) per turn. Increasing your chances to do a combo of attack turns to one or multiple enemies.

Focus charge or Hunt: for bowmen, where they don't hit for one turn, but then hit  one enemy really really hard.

Other ideas:

- Get the opportunity to name the town. 

- Discover new cities, build alliances, trade or make enemies.

This is a lot of fun. Thanks for doing this!

I got all achievements.

This game is great.

Difficulty level is good.

One man show was most difficult.

Congrats! I just got the One Man Show. 4 more to go.

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I absolutely loved this game. I couldn't stop playing it until the end.
Things I really liked:

I love the city building aspects of it as well as the RPG battle aspects of it. Both had a good balance making both fun experiences worthy of strategy and engagement. I was positively impressed by the difficulty curve. I liked the minimalist art style, the different abilities. I specially loved the mage class.

I enjoyed leveling up the different classes. I really like how buildings had traits that affected all classes. I was able to strategize and maximize $$, armor and magic damage, emerging victorious.

Things I didn't like:

- The intro was way too verbose. There should be a way to skip it for players that have already watched it.

- I ran into a bug where I placed a building on top of the tower. I had to delete the game as there was no way to build a tower or remove a building. We shouldn't be able to overlap buildings. 

- I ran into a bug where going to main screen and continuing the game wouldn't let me 'build' a building. The button just wouldn't do anything.

- I didn't like that once I upgraded the tower I couldn't build inexpensive buildings anymore. I'd like the option to choose expensive ones vs the others. Overall while this was a surprise, the benefit of adding new party members made it worth it at a later time.

General playthrough:
All in all, I ended up restarting the game about 5 times. The first for learning. The other 2 for bugs, the fourth time was because I upgraded the tower too soon and buildings were expensive, and the last was a full playthrough. I maximized income generation, heavy magic damage, and armor and only upgarded the towers once I had a heavy stream of cash flowing in.

This is definitely my type of game. I think adding procedurally generated content would take it a long way. Adding more beasts, more procedural quests would be awesome.  Unlock new classes after you finish a quest, befriend another civilization or recruit heroes. Be able to train them with your buildings.

Perhaps once the city is leveled up enough you go into a different type of city/race or perhaps into a multi-city civilization management where you engage in more epic events.

Good ideas, definitely going to think about procedural adventures, could be a great addition to the game

Came back to play it today again with others. It's such a fun game. I'm looking forward to updates. 

Hi there Green Worm,

Great game,
However, it could be harder.
I was able to complete the game and what I instantly saw was that I could speed run with just the Fighters. My second game I went Fighters and then went full Mage at the end.


  • Your guy's stats decease when at low health.
  • Loot becomes scarce the more often you visit an area.
  • You need a ranger in your party to get the loot boost.
  • You need a mage in your party to get magic resistance
  • I was expecting some explosions from the enemy, why doesn't the enemy have this ability?
  • And also... the dragon was week. This is an insult to all dragonkind. It only took my whole party to kill it in one turn and it did very little damage back to one guy when I went back to test it's strength.

However, overall, the design and playstyle of this game is nice. It's simple and you understand what you are doing straight away. I'm not a fan of grinding games but it really distracted me from working. Anyway, I don't mind if you take my notes as a grain of salt. The game just felt a bit lackluster when I was able to complete it under 30 days, and that was on my first run.

I didn't feel much of a rush because the enemies felt weak and I knew that if I just spammed the attack ability modifiers on a mage and spammed "explosion" I could just win without getting hit at all.

I think you need to try and force players to have at least one of each class in their army. But make it subtitle in a way that doesn't say "you're gonna lose if you don't". you need to make them to make that decision yourself which in this game you did. It was just very easy to win with just one class.

Anyway, I think I have rabbled on a little too much here.

Thanks heaps for the fun game.
Kind regards,

Great feeback thanks ! I'm planning on releasing an update with bug fixes and challenges this week, stay tuned ;)

Found a bug when you spam an enemy with a single target attack (i.e. click multiple times), you can attack multiple times (browser)

Holy CRAP this is fun. I started playing cuz I was checking out Jam submissions & suddenly I spent like an hour playing this! Felt very rewarding to win & definitely worth my time :)

Very nice game, I only wish there was more to do in town and some extra side locations to explore.

One problem I had was reading the icons/text above the characters during battle. Couldn't see the icon that highlights the attacking enemy and damage and healing values very well.

bug with placing house above main building broke my game, but only in the end so I killed main boss just after that

i did it! :D

Great game!

(Couple of bugs - could place building over main tower and had attacks left after killing all enemies)


I'm working on an improved version with additionnal features, bug fixing and more ! stay tuned ;)

Congrats on an incredible game in so short a time!

Thanks !

I absolutely love your game :) thanks for making it!

Well, thanks for playing !

Oh my goodness, I had so much fun I'm commenting this even though the jam is over! Played it from start to finish. I love this type of games. Would love a future version, maybe with infinite (or longer) play time somehow?

This is so amazing, it's so well polished and the balance feels good.
I just found a bug that you can Spam-Click to attack multiple times ^^'

Lol the final bosses attacks were doing literally no damage because of the magic defense increase.

Well, if you want to defeat a wizard, crafting amulets is a safe bet

Wow, this is super awesome. Congratulations on the great game dude!

Thanks !

I enjoyed this.  Thank you!  I built a lot of blacksmiths. 

Thank you :

Deleted 2 years ago

You got the unluckiest start possible, congratulation ^^'

Deleted 2 years ago

Everything is op around day 25

Amazing game, super-polished! Love the tween of the music themes and the town-building aspect, I always love to build a base and send off some characters to explore.

Interesting to see that other people used Hunters, because I beat it with just Mages in 23 days. I improved armor in the forge, and attack in the wizard pyramid, which lead to some pretty OP wizards. Maybe the wizards should have a nerf to defense, because otherwise they grow twice as fast as warriors, and can heal and area attack, too.

Admittedly, I cheated a little bit: in the desert I found out that you can spam click to attack several times(!), at least with the mages.

All in all, very polished game, I’m glad that you made this and that I got to play it :)


Ouch, I guess you found a pretty usefull bug ! Will fix it after the rating period for posterity. Thanks for the report, and I'm glad you had a good time playing !

Deleted 2 years ago

Pretty awesome and interesting game! I really enjoyed it. I think it can be improved by showing more information, like the hit chance. It doesn’t feel right like for example, having rapid fire miss all shots without knowing why. Even if the hit chance is high and I still miss, at least I know the chances and risks. Hunters’ Hide ability also doesn’t feel right to use because it doesn’t actually hide anything, and if it’s supposed to increase dodge chance, there’s no feedback or information on that, so I never wanted to use it over Rapid Fire because I still get hit anyway. Sometimes I felt that healing didn’t matter because in the late-game you can get one-shotted, or that it wasn’t enough.

I tried mixing up, playing Mages and Warriors, but they still don’t feel as good to play as Hunters. I think it’s just how fast Hunters can kill, which is great. I think the key is to not nerf Hunters, but to buff Warriors and Mages, and/or explain to players their real weakness that other classes can handle more effectively. Very good effort, highly polished, had a lot of fun!

(1 edit)

Yeah I get the point, who said balancing a game was easy ^^' Hunter was pretty lame when I started playtesting, so I buffed it a bit (the rapid fire attack was an "aim" attack that would never miss ironically). Maybe I went a little too far. But hey, if you enjoyed it that's a win for me !

(1 edit)

Well since I have a few hours left, I think I'll do another balancing update following some of your ideas

edit : there you go, 1.3 should be a little better

Man, this is crazy polished for a jam game

Thanks ! I was familiar with standard "over the weekend" jams, so when I saw "48h non consecutive" I knew I had to spend all the extra time in polish

Great game - good work! You've done a ton of work in 48 hours... Respect!

Thanks ! It's not my first rodeo, but wasn't easy nonetheless ;)

Devlog coming soon if you want a peek of how i did it... Stay tuned !

Yeah would be keen! It was my first Jam too. I started off recording a dev log but with all the other things to think about I ended up just concentrating on getting the game done :)

I just spammed Hunters. Nothing but Hunters. A *bit* of armory stuff for HP, but aside from bringing focus up to 4, it was all loot and archer damage. Easy enough win by early turn 20s.

Fun game, though.

Thanks for the feedback, the "rapide fire" attack might be a little overpowered... I'm going to make it more likely to miss.