Stranded 1.1, help me QA !

Hey !

This is a bug fix update for Stranded, but I wasn't able to reproduce a specific bug.  ( If you want to help me find it, please read the end of this post )

But first, bugfixes :

  • The rain water and trash activities had their title swaped, it's now fixed.
  • You could build a plastic water collector OR vegetal rain collector even if you had already crafted 4 rain collectors.
  • Rain water counter was incrementing everyday. It's now caped to 4

Now, I have recieved multiple bug report/screens regarding a negative resource amount (f.e. having -3 woods). If someone come across it, please write me a comment on the game page or following this post detailing how you stumbled upon the bug.

Relevant informations may be : what where you doing before the bug ? what was you level of resources ? what hour was it ? are you spamming buttons / spamming clic everywhere ?

Any information is welcomed, I'll be sure to fix it and keep you updated if I find it !

All the love


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Feb 12, 2021


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where can i find the "hidden freind" ?

Look at the trash, maybe you'll find a volleyball


do you need to find it in the trash or is it part if the model?

You have to find it someday

what is the diffrence from the fiber water thing and the plastic one?

the only difference is the type of resources you need to craft them. Once built they're identical (except for the color)

Oh I think I stumbled across something like this : I clicked on waste, validated the activity, and then opened the crafting menu before my character arrived at the wastes. I chose to craft a rope, and the menu closed. The menu of waste found then opened (telling me I found plastic or whatever) and when I closed it, my character didn't go craft a rope. So I opened crafting menu again, selected rope, and they went to craft a rope, but crafted 2 instead !


Oooooh right, this must be it ! Thanks a lot :)