What is UNITE ?

The evil Lord Redfoot is ruling your town with an iron fist, with very little regard to the people's well-being. It's time someone put a stop to it and take the throne !

Expand your rebellion, conquer the town and storm the castle !

Some tips :

  • The goal of the game is to conquer Lord Redfoot's castle
  • Blue buildings are yours, red building belongs to Lord Redfoot, purple buildings belongs to neutral inhabitants and grey buildings are empty.
  • Clic on one of your building, then on another building to send troops there.
  • You'll send half of the building occupants as troops, floored to the closest integer.
  • Hover above a building to learn more about it !
  • Neutral inhabitants won't retaliate if you attack their building, but Lord Redfoot sure will !
  • You loose if your last villager dies.
  • The attack bonus is added to your troops when they reach an enemy building.



UNITE_Win_1.1.zip 21 MB

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Little bit of an issue you may want to fix... It seems that if your population drops to zero, instead of losing it just brings you to the win screen. 


Ahah, well everyone's a winner ! Thanks for pointing this out :)


Another excellent game from Pierre! Loved it. 

Awesome <3

when I attacked the castle and it went empty, when i went to attack other towers they racked up in population really quickly, as well as my total population.

Jeu très sympathique. Comment tu trouves l'energie pour faire autant de jam?

Je sais pas si c'est un plantage ou une victoire parce que j'ai pas eu d'écran de fin, mais le chateau enemie n'avait plus de troupe

Oui c'est un pauvre bug débile, corrigé chez moi, j'attends la fin de la jam pour upload le fix ^^

Lol definitely doesn't copy Mushroom Wars's concept

My inspirations were mostly Nanowars and Royals, never played Mushroom Wars ^^

Good game but needs keyboard camera control and the ability to move all of the house pop

Good ideas ! I'll add that to the post jam version :)

Cool game ! But i think I found a bug, I invaded the castle but the enemy still had one house, the game is frozen, don't know if you are aware of this bug :)


Okay, after looking at my code, I think I found it. Thanks for reporting it !

Crashed on me at day 135 and population 241 as a heads up. Would've kept playing longer though I liked it a lot. 

So sorry to ear that... Was it the browser version or the Windows version ?

Browser, still really fun tho!