Arrows / WASD / Left joystick : Move around

Left Mouse Button / A button : Interact 

A menial job. Unfriendly co-workers. What does it take to get some respect as a janitor around here?
Things take an interesting turn, however, after your boss tells you some devastating news. Those detergent fumes aren't helping either...

Take part in this first-person adventure game complete with a twisted story, puzzles, and a whole bunch of atmosphere. Make them see what you're truly capable of!

Made in collaboration with Bas Hoogeboom (awesome guy) for Ludum Dare 47.



Download 46 MB


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Loved it! A short, but sweet little mind-bender :)


Very cool. I was like, "Neat, a little janitor sim." then things changed...


First game I played on Itch, no idea there would be such great content. Couldn't get past the puzzle, but I enjoyed the first part of the game!


We made a walkthrough if you want to continue (or just watch what you've missed)

Very enjoyable! The music you guys picked works wonders! Only thing I would suggest is maybe tweak the hallucination effect a bit (the chromatic aberration etc.) and tweak the rag-doll behavior a  bit. Great work!