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My fastest is 60.66s. I think having an option to skip the growing animation at the end would be nice

56.75 is my fastest. I loved this game and the post jam version too!

68.75 seconds. Try and beat me (friendly competition).

I maxed out and hit that orb on the bottom either 4 or 5 times.

Took 21 minutes to complete! Congratulations on Overall #1!


A really satisfying and wholly pleasant experience. I decided to check it out after seeing the Randomise User video and had a lot of fun. My only real gripe is that the root division seems to be really unreliable until you get a certain amount of points into it.

I was also kind of hoping to find a Dolphin Olympics "edge of the universe"-style easter egg from growing up into the sky ;)

Great work overall! I very much enjoyed playing your game.


wait, thats illegal

Really cool concept ! Simple and easy to understand. I did gave up tho, the game kind of overstay it's welcome without adding new mechanic. It starts to feel like grinding past 500cm. The game should probably have less upgrades and finish at 500 cm or cheaper later upgrade. I played for 25+ min and half of it was "is it over yet?". Excellent concept and execution tho, good job.

I feel you, there's kind of a difficulty spike around 500-600 cm. I think, with 2-3 minutes of play you could've reached the end. Progress is saved, so you can come back whenever and continue if you want :)

I'll try and add new gameplay elements the further down you go, that's a fair point.

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I'm really enjoying my time with this game. The sound, look and feel are on point. One really minor criticism is the long time it takes for all the flowers to grow once you go deep, but idk, speeding it up may diminish the feeling of progress. Your game was showcased by Randomise User on Youtube.


Thanks ! I feel you, in the post jam version I sped up the flower growth to keep it in the same 1-2sec timeframe whether you went far or not. This was an oversight on my part, and I agree, it's pretty annoying.

Finally I'm in a Radomise User video !! Thanks for telling me, I'll watch it right away !

Damn, I even made it to the thumbnail !

Deleted post

Yes, this is a math error I saw after the end of the compo. This is fixed in my work-in-progress post jam version (plus many other balancing tweaks and new content).

The post jam version will be released in a week or two :)


Very cool, I love the look and feel of root division especially when you get it upgraded a bit (:


should be in google play and appstore


Working on an Android port + balancing and more cool stuff !


Awesome! I would definitely buy this! I’d love to play more of this!


Hey! Would you be interested in bringing this game over to Armor Games? I'd love to talk to you about that!


This is brilliant. I love it. Showing my horticulturist friend. <3


You can tell them it was made by a loving gardener ^^


Hoorah! Another friend on the search results page for roots! Very glad to have played your game, I am going through the rest of your catalog right now ;)


neat game, very fun concept