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fun little game! thanks for sharing it :)

my only wish would be to be able to click once to select pot to move and click again for destination. I find the click-and-drag hard to use properly.

Another great game! Townfolks was a hit, and this was one was super enjoyable! You're good. 

I also wish I could have an in-depth tutorial on how you do music. They're very catchy.

My best score after a couple of tries was 15 days. Doubt I'll personally be able to do any better :') 

Fun & cute game, I really like that you can move diagonally (that was pretty refreshing for a match 3 game) & that upgrades are baked in as like shop upgrades, feels more immersive that way! Being able to move things without having to match them is also a nice feature :)


so cutee, it kept me occupied for longer than i could admit :D

nice work !


My record is to win the game in 16 days



The 3D is very disorientating. The game would have fared better as 2D or with the camera at an angle closer to the ground, although I recognize that at that shallow of an angle it would be hard to see the plants at all.

Fun and simple. I played til the end. Well done!

Cute and simple~!


Lovely game!

Thanks !