• Mouse to look around
  • Arrow keys/WASD to move
  • O/P to increase/decrease mouse sensitivity

Made in 48h for the IndieTales 2021 game jam


Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
AuthorPierre Vandermaesen
Made withBlender, FL Studio, Unity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Horror, non-eucledian, Unity, Walking simulator, weird
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Download 24 MB


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I got goosebumps

this is epik




Great game wish I was faster


This game messes with my brian


Loved the design of this game, the audio was great and the changing environment made it very disorientating (in a good way). Very spooky without relying on any jumpscares, great work!



This is the trappiest game I've ever played and possibly my favorite. The transitions are so subtle and even the name fits, IN the cell IN the hall IN the big room with the fuzzy boi it's just grate.

Very unsettling and terrifying. I like how you mess with perspective and make it where it almost had a PT feel, without all the puzzle aspects. The entity is startling, albeit for a short time, but over all the game is very satisfying and hope to see more from you! Very awesome for such a simplistic and short game, well done!

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(The game is at 9:50) min) Not really scary more Suspenseful 

Super expérience minimaliste, ça me fait penser à une sorte de Stanley parable croisé avec Limbo. Grosse atmosphère autant par le son que par le ....jeu(?)!

ça fait pas tellement peur mais c'est oppressant et chelou , l'ambiance est au RDV, on est dans un jeu d'auteur ^^!

Techniquement, je me demandais, mais comment il a fait ça et puis pouf je tombe sur la vidéo explicative....Elle est limite apparu comme le chemin qui se découvre dans le jeu lol 

I am so confused but whatever

I may or may not have escaped.

I counted how many steps there were. I think it helped a bit with my nerves, but it was still stressful, which is exactly what you want in a horror game.

The controls were a bit slow, but that added to the terror, given how sluggish I was.

Also, just watching the Dev vid, I had a habit of walking backwards. Partly because of the aforementioned counting, partly because I wanted to keep my eyes behind me. So, the game probably took longer than it should of.


اخوك من الجزائر 
معليش تعطيني دسكوردك
حاب نتعلم شوي برمجة تعيش



Damn,it was pretty disturbing,i didnt got out,but still good atmospheric game

Good experience. Love it. 

Was a pretty neat and smooth game!

Great non-Euclidian gameplay!

Me: Out

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This was fantastic! Truly mind bending at times, and such a great ambience. I really enjoyed this game! Great work! (1st game in the vid)

Amazing video, I love your energy !

Interesting concept, very disorienting and claustrophobic, I was never sure, if the player can get out of the situation.

Overall, very well-made game!

Nice game, greetings from Spain

lol you completely missed the monster at the end, which was the most important part of the game

good game :)
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| PC owner's Brain Baking |

edit: i have the last brain cell

I really like this game, it has a good concept

So interesting and unsettling, wish it went on for longer.

Sooooooo weird I loved it! Totally fun to play.

Amazing playthrough, super funny x)

I loved In, the suspense and audio made the whole game scary! At times, my character walked slower than usual, but it helped build up to the suspense. I didn't know what to do at first, so I'm not sure if getting the ending where I just dropped down without going through the hallways and was just stuck in that room was a correct ending or not. Otherwise, the game was really well-made!!

I run on a Lenovo Chromebook and have been experiencing a problem where the character has been going way slower than in all the other play-throughs I've seen in the comments. I ran this on a chrome browser which is probably the reason why it's been going so slow since I experienced this same "running slow" problem in another game on in chrome.

Yes this might be due to some bad logic on my side. Unfortunately I can't fix it before the end of the jam :/ Thanks for reporting though !


Neat little game. I would say it's less of a horror and more of a visual adventure, but, the monster design is very neat and environment is unique too. For the full review, check out the video. 


Awesome ! Thanks !


Yo this game is really cool. Great job on this!




love it


Please rate if you liked it, it really helps a lot <3

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nice game


thanks !