Move your dice and defeat all the levels in this mind-rolling puzzle game!

How to play

Selecty a die, then move it according to the number facing up (if the die displays a 4, it has to move 4 times)

You can't move through other dice

You capture an ennemy dice if you FINISH YOUR MOVE on it

Due to a small bug the camera isn't centered once you start a new level, just zoom out and/or move the camera around OR go back to the menu and start from the level select screen.


LMB : select a die / action

RMB : rotate camera

MMB : move camera

Scroll wheel : Zoom

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorPierre Vandermaesen
GenrePuzzle, Strategy
Made withUnity
TagsAbstract, Board Game, Game Maker's Toolkit Jam, Turn-based


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Was pretty fun. I assume that the dice spinning on a green background is the end and not a bug

Nice game but at the higher levels I had to reload the game so that the board was oriented properly in the center of the window.

The numbers on the faces are not in the correct layout for standard dice.  In particular, if you orient a die with the 1 on top and the 5 facing you, then the side on the left should be 3 and the side on the right should be 4.

Oh I didn't know that !


Great ideas! Though the AI is kind of humble. Encounter a bug at level 9 that the control of dices is disordered after the enemies were all captured.


what a super clever little tactics game! i couldnt resist playing it through, but have to be honest: i won the 11/12 level because of AI-luck :D im a huge fan of your creations, im hyped for what you come up with next! <3


Such a fun game - So simple, but with a deeper level of complexity if you start considering 1. your opponents moves and 2. what side up the dice will end up on when you've finished your move. The level of polish is also unreal for a gamejam game.

Super jeu, comme d'habitude :)

fun concept!

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This was very fun! But yeah the camera in the main campaign kept bugging. The BGM is soothing and the tone you have is very immersive. Feel free to try out our Turn-based strategy game "Dungeon Dice Story"  too!

very fun little game. sadly the camera bug kept me from completing it, but i hope you will release a post jam version with this fixed as i'd love to go through it sometime! I made it to level six before the bug made it unplayable. 

This is so satisfying and fun! My middle mouse button isnt registering so I can't play the whole thing due to the camera but I really loved what I managed to play!

If you start a level directly from the level selection menu, the camera should be correctly placed. Thx for the kind words! :D


Awesome game! (I've noticed there are some bugs with the camera positions when starting new levels, after I had played with the camera in the previous one) I hope it will be fixed in a new version of the game. I could really see this one as a real game, even  a new board game mashup between chess and dice games. Fantastic idea and execution!!!

Excellent !