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Does purchasing here provide a Steam key as well? Just curious. I'd rather purchase through Itch for a better cut for you.


No it does not

I don't know if this is the correct place to post about it, but I'm trying to buy Tinyfolks on google play store but it keeps declining. My payment methods are good, and I even added play store prepaid credit and it still doesn't allow me to purchase it.

I came here for the same reason! I actually contacted Google Play support and they told me it's an issue on the developer's end and I should wait a day or two. That was a week ago :(

Working on it! It has to do with google payements and my bank account, I didn't know the Play Store just refused payements at a certain point.

I am still getting Payment declined. I would also love to purchase your game on Android!




Thank you, Pierre!

Ahah yes, sorry it took so long, a lot of back and forth with Google's automatic systems

Love the game and have it on pc but im unable to get it on android, hope this can be resolved by i love this game and this dev, still looking forward to future games ❤️

Really enjoy the game but a query: I was able to defeat Dark King during a 45 day run...but didn't get the achievement or anything in game (the trophy button).  Not sure if that's because my King was still in town and not on the expedition himself?  Also do the Rings you win during that run do anything?  Can't access those either and maybe they're just something there for fun but figured I'd check.

I have encountered a softlock, something about the troubadour gives you negative gold when defeating enemies, so if you lose all your units with negative gold you cannot even recruit basic folk for 0 gold

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Hi  Pierre, I've downloaded version 1.2.1 for mac, but after unzipping and launching the app, the startup screen shows v. 1.1.1. Is this correct?

what what what, that's super weird

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While playing 1.1.1 for mac, I noticed my Vigilante's  Poison Arrow is not doing any damage on the initial hit, but only doing poison damage over time (bug?). Also my Saint's Benediction isn't healing when I'm debuffed with -30 def at one of the boss fight. Help!

Hey, I'm on an apple silicon mac and just dl'd 1.2, I'm getting an error saying the application can't be opened. Is the application 32-bit or something and I missed it?

I changed the app file, can you try again ?

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Still no success, I'm seeing a folder with Tinyfolks inside it now when I unzip, but still get the "application can't be opened" error. I saw a comment downthread where someone tried "open package contents" on the Tinyfolks file, and that did get me into the game's file structure, but the only thing that looks like it might be the application itself in there is a document labeled "Tinyfolks" with no .app extension that opens as a text file, and when I add .app I get the same error as before. Macs are so picky! Thanks for replying so fast, I hope this isn't giving you a headache.

I'll try and upload it directly from my Mac. And don't worry, you paid for it, the least I can do is making sure you can play!

I uploaded the file from my mac, can you try again?

Oh gosh, still no success. My first mistake was trying to play games on a Mac lol! Is there anything I can do on my end, or info I could dig up, to make this easier to diagnose? I worry I might have left something out.


Maybe you can try starting the game through the app, it seems like a lot of games that have been "unsigned" like mine have the same issue, caused by the macOS Gatekeeper. 


C'est trop beau, la musique est top, les mécaniques sont bien cools ! La démo m'a donné envie, c'est dans la wishlist ✨


I didn't know this had other languages, so I just played it in french. Biggest compliments I can give to the UI designer is that I could understand just about everything from the shading of buttons and numbers.


Will the Itch version be updated to match the 1.1.0 version on Steam?


yes :)

This isnt working my my M1 Mac (64 bit). Any way to fix this? I tried my normal methods that I need to use for getting godot games to work. I just get the error "This application can't be Opened"

Sorry for the delay, but after a lot of troubleshoot, looks like you have to start the game through the APP to work around the mac OS Gatekeeper.


I currently can't play this game. i have try three times on multiple difficulties but every time i reach the dark king i get a bug where he becomes unkillable. Please help.

Absolutely top-notch pixelart, fun gameplay and great music. Can't wait to get back to playing again!


For some reason, the pointer position is updated only when I click, not when I move it. (web version, on Firefox 101)

For some reason the game is in french by default, i have no idea why


On the Mac version, Dark King won't die when reduce to 0 hp. Not sure if it is a bug or I'm missing something. I tried killing it with, and without the King in the party. My whole party dies and returns to town.


Unfortunately on Windows and Linux versions (both 1.0.7) Dark King also won't die - it's really frustrating,

On the other note - I've noticed that druid doesn't scale with staff upgrades. Does it supposed be like that?

Thank you. I guess when I saw a streamer beat the game, and it was v1.0.5

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Hi Pierre, played the web version and loved it (even if it was short). I just downloaded the mac version. But it won't run. After unzipping, I tried to run the app and I get this error:

Can you help? I'm running MacOS 10.13.6

Nevermind, I figured it out. After unzipping the file, you need to "Show Package Contents" to run the app. Don't know why the actual app is located within another app. Drag the app within the app to another location so it can run normally.


Oh right, it has to do with the name of the zip file

Will fix that thanks !

Cool game – I bought the Steam release; but you should know, “Enemies” only has one “n” in it. – It seems in a lot of places you have spelled it as “Ennemies”.

As another french dev, I always make that mistake too! The french word for "enemy" is "ennemi"

Hey Pierre! Glad to see your first solo commercial game and even more glad it's doing well! It's an amazing and fun thing you've created here, building on that awesome Mizjam entry. Keep on building, and best of luck! :)


Thank you sooo much Bas, hope you're doing well !

Hi, when launching the game on Widows I'm getting an empty screen. The game cursor is there, but the game seems like it can't load itself properly.

Same in steam version

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Fixed, sorry about that :/


The game looks really good! Are you thinking of also releasing it on mobile? And since the whole game uses a small palette, an option for palette swapping would be cool too :)


Look your DM in twitter, new message from us

Bonjour Pierre,
Vraiment très cool ton Tiny game !
Je suis curieux de connaitre le langage de prog que tu as utilisé et si tu as codé tout ça en pur code ou à l'aide d'un game maker ?
Bonne continuation !

C'est fait sur Unity en C# :)

Merci pour l'info ! 


Pierre could you please answer us via DM in twitter?, Thanks 🤗

Awesome game.

Could you update files to match features and version to one available on Steam? I am mostly looking for Linux version. Thank you.

Can we get the Mac build on itch, too?


Oh yes sure! Sorry, completely forgot ^^

Added the Mac build <3


Cool and good!


Certainement l'un des meilleurs jeux au monde, un plaisir pour les yeux et les oreilles ! Je l'ai vu plusieurs fois en stream et je compte les jours qui me séparent de la sortie officielle !


Au passage, m'sieur Vandermaesen, serait-il imaginable de faire un pack d'assets avec les personnages ? Je suis sur un projet minimaliste et il y a quelques personnages qui m'intéressent beaucoup.